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We go through many changes as we age—changes such as our health, finances, and perhaps our housing situation.
With these changes come new challenges we and our loved ones must face.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important process to review from time to time as we age. Estate planning is arranging the management and disposal of your estate to your loved ones while attempting to minimize the amount of tax paid. This arrangement is done through documents such as a Will, Representation Agreement, and a Power of Attorney.

A Will is a written document that directs how a person’s assets will be distributed upon their passing. A Representation Agreement is a legal document for health matters where a person (or people) makes medical decisions for you and acts on your behalf. A Power of Attorney is a written document where a person appoints another person to act on their behalf in personal and financial affairs.

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Bill Payment Services

We often do not realize the time and organization it takes to pay certain bills, and it can become strenuous with age. If you or your loved one has a sudden accident, and requires medical care away from home for an extended period, you may have a lot of trouble finding the time to go through the bills and paying them.

Shipley Enterprises Ltd offers a bill paying service where they will take the burden of payments away. Your mail can be forwarded to them and all bills paid. We then create a monthly statement for your review.



Often our housing needs change as we grow older. We may want a smaller living area to maintain, to upgrade our current home for access issues, or perhaps to live in a place where our meals and other affairs are looked after.

Many seniors choose to downsize from their existing home to an easier-to-manage condo or apartment. There are also many retirement homes in Victoria offering a variety of living situations (e.g., independent vs shared suites) at various costs.

How We Can help:

  • Reviewing housing needs and income
  • Look after Sale and Purchase Documents

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The Shipley Family - Tim Shipley and Jillyn Shipley, Victoria, BC

The Shipley Family

The Shipley family is a third generation Victoria family. The last 40 years have been spent in the Gordon Head area of Victoria where both children, Jillyn Shipley and Tim Shipley, were born and raised.