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To notarize a document means to certify, attest to, or confirm the validity of a signature on a specific document. Please call or make an appointment using the form on our Contact page.

Affidavits & Declarations

We have provided samples of our most commonly used affidavits so that you can get an idea of layout and content. Keep in mind that you should confirm requirements with the person/entity for whom you are swearing the affidavit. When you are swearing an affidavit, the name on the affidavit should be identical to that on the identification you are presenting to the Notary.

Consent To Travel Affidavit

Consent to Travel Affidavits are used whenever children are travelling with only one parent, or without both parents. The parent, or parents, who are not accompanying the child(ren) must give their consent for crossing international borders. If you are preparing your own consent to travel letter/affidavit, please ensure that you use the full names of everyone involved. Most importantly, the children’s names should match their passports. If you are travelling by air, it is a good idea to confirm requirements with your airline, or click here for an example of a consent to travel form provided by the Government of Canada.

Affidavit Of Support

Affidavits of Support are used for the purpose of confirming your willingness/ability to be responsible for a friend or family member visiting from another country. They are often required by the Canadian Government before a temporary visa is issued.

General Affidavit

We often have clients come to our office asking that the Notary sign a letter the client has prepared. If you are attempting to confirm a series of facts, it is helpful for you to put these facts into an affidavit form. The General Affidavit sample will give you an idea of how to present the facts in an easy to read format and also provides a space for the Notary to witness your signature.


Authentication / Certificate of Identity / Apostille / Legalization

Any of the above terms can be used to describe the process of validating documents for use in a foreign jurisdiction. The Notary will prepare a Certificate of Identity, also known as a Form 10, (view sample), attach any required documents such as an affidavit, criminal record check, or identification documents, and send the package to the Society of Notaries. The Society of Notaries will authenticate the Notary’s signature. Subsequently, documents are forwarded to the Consulate of the relevant foreign country for certification. In some cases the documents may also need to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa or the Office of the Deputy Attorney General.

Fees vary depending on the process required, and each client’s situation is different. Each level of certification has a fee, and there is no standard fee charged by Consulates. Our office will require a retainer in advance to cover fees charged by the Society of Notaries, the appropriate Consulate, and the costs of shipping documents via courier. This process can be time-consuming. In some cases, we have waited up to 8 weeks for the return of the finalized documents. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks to complete the legalization process.



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The Shipley Family - Tim Shipley and Jillyn Shipley, Victoria, BC

The Shipley Family

The Shipley family is a third generation Victoria family. The last 40 years have been spent in the Gordon Head area of Victoria where both children, Jillyn Shipley and Tim Shipley, were born and raised.